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Driving defensively will help you avoid truck accidents

When traveling on Pennsylvania highways, it is best to drive defensively. Defensive driving involves doing such things as going at a safe rate of speed and, whenever possible, maintaining plenty of separation between yourself and the other vehicles on the road.

What you should research before meeting an attorney, part 2

If you have been in an accident involving a big rig truck, you are likely trying to figure out how you can get a level of compensation that will cover the damages you incurred. And while the driver of the truck may have been completely or partially responsible for the accident, it can be difficult to get the full measure of compensation you should.

What you should research prior to meeting an attorney, part I

The more prepared you are before a meeting with an attorney, the faster and more effectively he or she can start to work on your behalf. This is especially true when you were involved in an accident with a truck. Trucks present numerous unique issues with many potential parties.

How do crash forensics help a police investigation?

For the victims of many auto accidents, the seconds leading up to the collision are a blur. More often than not the actual cause of a crash is unknown until after a thorough investigation is complete and sometimes not even then. Without definitive evidence of who was at fault, prosecuting a reckless driver is near impossible. Attorneys sometimes seek the help of a crash investigator to use their forensic knowledge to reconstruct the crash and offer attorneys, law enforcement and victims an expert analysis of the crash and what caused it.

Sleep deprived driver faces manslaughter charges

It is often said that driving tired is worse than driving drunk. Regardless of if you agree with that statement or not, one thing is certain: a fatigued driver can cause the same amount of death and destruction as a drunk driver can. As the Salt Lake Tribune reports, one Idaho man is living proof of that.

Wet roads cause head-on crash killing one

As the weather changes, so should our driving habits. After all, the level of care and caution we use when driving in rain, may not be necessary when the roads are dry. As experienced and careful as we think we may be, often times we are not made aware of how dangerous road conditions are, until it's too late. The families of two Utah residents are finding out, firsthand, just how dangerous some road conditions truly are.

Semi-truck, police car collide

Accidents involving cars and large trucks can cause serious damage to the smaller automobiles and severely injure or even kill the cars' occupants. Thankfully, neither driver was seriously hurt in a recent accident involving a tractor-trailer and a police car in Murray.

Wal-Mart settles with Tracy Morgan after wreck last summer

Last year, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a truck accident that claimed one life and left him, and two others, with serious injuries. Morgan is still on the road to recovery, as are the other two people injured in the wreck. But one hurdle was finally cleared on Morgan's road to recovery: the company associated with the truck accident, Wal-Mart, finally settled with Morgan over the lawsuit he filed.

One lawsuit settled in truck accident involving Tracy Morgan

Last summer, many people all across the country were stunned to hear that actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a horrifying and deadly truck accident. The wreck dealt Morgan terrible injuries, but it was far worse for his friend and fellow comedian James McNair, who was killed in the accident.

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