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How should I counter the actions of an aggressive driver?

Typically, driving on the thoroughfares of Utah is a safe endeavor. As long as all motorists adhere to the rules of the road and look out for one another, we can all reach our destinations without incident. However, it only takes one negligent driver to create a hazardous situation. And those who drive in an aggressive manner are not only intimidating, they also pose serious dangers for others on the road.

There are several acts closely associated with aggressive driving. These acts include tailgating, running stop signs and stop lights, failing to yield, speeding and weaving through lanes. And if you should have an encounter with such a driver, it is very important that you maintain your composure and drive defensively.

The Utah Zero Fatalities website recommends several actions you can take in the event you cross paths with an aggressive driver. First, regardless of how provoking the driver may be, do not stoop to his or her level. This means you should not attempt to interact with the driver by honking, gesturing or even making eye contact. You should simply back down and allow the driver to move on and out of your proximity.

The website also gives tips on how to make driving a safer and more pleasant task. For instance, you may want to avoid driving when fatigued or angry. And while you are on the road you can relax by taking a deep breath and listening to some music. You should also do your best to drive courteously and avoid making aggressive maneuvers.

But in spite of your best efforts, you may have had the misfortune of being involved in an accident that was caused by an aggressive driver. And if you or a family member was injured in the accident, you likely will need compensation to cover the costs of treatment and recovery.

Aggressive drivers should be held liable for the injuries and damage they cause. If you wish to have an aggressive or otherwise negligent driver held accountable for an accident, a Utah personal injury attorney may be able to help you pursue a civil suit.

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